A Bio-Enzymatic Non-Abrasive Gel-Type Cleaner

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The challenge of finding cleaning agents that will remove tough stains and perform heavy-duty cleaning jobs, without having to use unsafe, dangerous acids, bleaches and other harmful chemicals, is why BioGel was developed.

BioGel is a thickened gel-type, nonabrasive cleaner, formulated with superior cleaning agents, which has been bio-enhanced to provide superior cleaning ability and organic breakdown and removal, without the risks associated with the dangerous chemicals of the past.

BioGel is formulated with BioLogix SporeCon, which contains selectively adapted Bacillius organisms. These organisms have been designed for accelerated degradation of grease, fats, oils and proteins, as well as many other organic compounds. In addition, these organisms have been safely tested to be salmonella negative and contain no pathogenic organisms.

BioGel is safe for use on virtually all hard surfaces and areas where stubborn stains and odors reside. BioGel will actually benefit septic systems and is environmentally friendly, unlike traditional cleaning products which kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank, causing system breakdown and odors, as well as harming the environment.

BioGel is formulated with an attractive teal color with a pleasantly clean herbal fragrance.


General use – household, institutional, automotive, marine

Bathrooms – bathtubs, showers, toilets, countertops, floors

Kitchens – sinks, cook tops, floors, walls, hard surfaces

Safe For Use On:

Formica, Stone, Cultured Marble & Other Synthetics, Chrome, Stainless Steel and Brass Fixtures, Porcelain & Fiberglass, Ceramic Tile & Grout, Concrete, Ceramic/Quarry Tile & Vinyl Floors, FRP Panels & Other Synthetic Wall Coverings, Tabletops, Bar Tops & Benches, Stainless Steel & Cast Iron


  • Bleach-Free
  • Non-Acid
  • Safe on All Surfaces
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Penetrates and Removes Deep-Set Organics
  • Leaves Surfaces Clean & Smelling Fresh
  • Degrades Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains

Directions For Use:

BioGel works best full strength. Simply apply to wet cloth or sponge and rub into area to be cleaned. Rinse. For tough stains, apply BioGel directly to the stained area and let sit for 5 minutes, then rub with wet cloth or sponge and rinse with water.

For lighter stains/soiling, BioGel can be diluted 1:1 in warm water. Apply, scrub and rinse.

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Where/How To Buy

BioGel is available in Quarts, Gallons, 5-Gallon Pails and 55-Gallon Drums

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