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A little recognized natural function called biological recycling has kept life in existence from the beginning. Without it, dead plants and animals would cover the earth, and life would have ceased. Ancient Phoenicians and Romans used this function in their sanitary waste systems, some of which are still in use. Sanitary waste systems were designed to work without clean-outs, rodding, pumping and foul odors. They work by the action of microscopic ‘recyclers’, that nature provides to eliminate wastes. So why so many troubles and failures?

Why and How Biological Recycling Works

Most self proclaimed experts, besieged by questions, are baffled. To get you out of their faces because they can’t solve your problems. They will tell you these failures are normal; your system has fulfilled its life or it is too small. SO you should dig it up or tear it out, and replace it with a bigger system. It will become an ever bigger failure. This is somewhat like telling a child sick from eating green apples to eat more green apples to get well.

Genuine experts know better. Here are the facts: Waste systems must receive adequate colonies of ALL the required types of digesting micro-organisms, or undigested particles build up and putrefy into foul smelling blockage that chokes systems into failures.

Today’s food choices, processing and preservation cause an insufficient and unbalanced supply of natural ‘recyclers’ to enter systems. Deodorant soaps, detergents, toothpaste, mouthwash, cleansers, disinfectants, antibiotics are chemical products designed to kill germs. They also weaken and kill ‘recyclers’ in your system.

Natural laws and physics make it impossible for any chemical, enzyme or machine to eliminate waste buildup.


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