Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment operators are faced with numerous day to day challenges to keep their facilities fully operational and in compliance with Local, State and Federal regulations. BioLogix Products Group understands these problems and developed the WaterTreat Line as a cost effective alternative to traditional approaches. Not long ago, managers of Industrial and Municipal Wastewater treatment facilities viewed their operations in terms of design capacity, equipment and chemicals. From this perspective, plant operators tended to try and solve their particular process problems by adding capacity, buying new pieces of equipment or introducing chemical treatment. Increasingly, however, facility managers are looking to biology to help them solve their specific problems with respect to capacity, efficiency and environmental compliance.

The biological solution comes in the form of billions of microorganisms added to wastewater systems to help achieve a wide range of process objectives. This biological solution —— a process known as “bioaugmentation” —– also is being viewed as a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional system improvements involving new facilities, equipment or chemicals. There is nothing mystical or revolutionary about the use of microorganisms to achieve chemical transformations. Indeed, this process is at the foundation of procedures emplyed for hundreds of years by makers of alcoholic beverages, dairy products and pharmaceuticals. In the context of wastewater treatment, bioaugmentation techniques introduce specialized blends of bacteria into the waste stream to improve process efficiencies.

The bacteria consume the soluble organic matter in the wastewater and convert it into carbon dioxide, water and energy to produce new cells. Eventually this degradable biomass, can be removed from the system for disposal. To some degree this process occurs naturally in all wastewater treatment facilities. A bioaugmentation regimen, however, introduces superior strains of bacteria on a continual basis to develop a specific bacterial diversity capable of degrading different compounds in the most efficient and affective manner possible. Continuous augmentation is critical in most operations due to variations in influent quality over time, system shocks and environmental factors affecting bacterial diversity.

WaterTreat 100

Ready-to-use bacteria formulation specifically designed to degrade all organic sewage wastes and solids. For use in residential, municipal, and light industrial wastewater applications. This formula is highly effective in both fixed-film and suspended growth systems, as well as scum pits, aerobic or anaerobic digesters, septic tanks, etc. (Available in both powder or liquid form)

WaterTreat 200

Ready-to-use bioenzymatic formulation (bacteria/enzyme blend) designed to degrade a myriad of complex organic wastes at accelerated rates. This unique bio-formulations specifically cultured for a wide range of industrial wastes: Food processing, meat packing, dairy, pulp and paper, petroleum, chemical, iron and steel, etc. (Available in both powder and liquid form)

WaterTreat 300

Ready-to-use bioenzymatic formulation (bacteria/enzyme blend) specifically developed to promote accelerated grease liquification and digestion. This synergistic bio-formulation is appropriate for environments where grease, hydrogen sulfide odors, etc. are a problem. It is also used in collection systems, drain lines, scum pits, wet-wells, digesters, etc. (Available in both powder or liquid form)

WaterTreat 400

A synergized mixture of nitrifying bacteria designed to enhance ammonia removal systems nitrification has been inhibited. The nitrifying bacteria in this product have unique abilities to oxidize ammonia at high rates in harsh environments, as well as in the presence of relatively high concentrations of BOD, TOC and COD (Available in liquid form only)

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