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Biologix Biocycle Products

The BioCycle line is the culmination of our eco-friendly mindset, and is aimed at eliminating the need for introducing harmful chemicals into the environment

Grease Elimination Services

BioLogix has provided hundreds of clients in the food service and hospitality industry with solutions to the ongoing problems associated with grease, fats, and oils.

Hygiene and Odor Control Service

The BioLogix approach eliminates odors instead of just masking – a technological breakthrough only BioLogix can provide.

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Our Story

We have been a leader in the environmental waste, odor, cleaning & integrated pest elimination business since 1989, and have spent every hour of our existence pursuing the goal of creating top-quality products that do not harm people, pets, plants, or the environment. We were “Green” before “Green” became vogue and have always incorporated everyday sustainability into manufacturing our environmental product technologies. From our plant operations, ingredients, formulations, materials, packaging & shipping; along with factors such as understanding the importance of water, gas, storage, and disposal reductions, utilizing the BioLogix BioCycle just makes good business, environmental & financial sense


Our greatest achievement would be to help lead the way in building a sustainable community, one that safely reduces waste at its starting point, so that when it leaves your Hospital, College, University, School District, Corporate Headquarters, Casino, Hotel, Motel, Restaurant, Business, Manufacturing or Waste Plant, there is less strain on our community’s resources. That is our passion, to create a product line that is the finest, most bio-friendly economic solution to your Cleaning, Waste Reduction & Sustainability Goals.


BioLogix BioCycle Principle


​According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), municipal solid waste (MSW), commonly known as trash or garbage, consists of everyday items from households and businesses that are deposited in landfills. Some landfills, however, do accept such non-MSW as construction by-products, wastewater sludge, or other hazardous materials


The treatment of environmental problems through biological means is known as bioremediation and plants’ specific use, for example, by using phytoremediation. Bioremediation is sometimes used in conjunction with a pump and treat system. In bioremediation, either naturally occurring or specially bred bacteria are used to consume contaminants from extracted groundwater.


The Government has signaled its interest in the waste industry developing an industry protocol on community benefits in similar fashion to the wind generation sector. Also on the agenda is the possibility that local areas could benefit more directly from business rates paid by waste facility companies.

What Customers Are Saying

“I have a medium sized restaurant and I had been having issues with grease, fats, and oils in the drains. It was a nightmare trying to keep on top of it because when they clog they release this god-awful smell into the restaurant, not to mention all the backups it caused. I called BioLogix who were able to come out right away and fix our grease issues.”

-Gary Salim, Saint Louis, MO

“I don’t know what we would do without BioLogix’s Bio Cycle products. The whole line delivers good quality and effectiveness for a fraction of the price of other cleaners. We have been using this product for the past couple years and never once had to worry about getting a bad deal or diminishing performance.”

-Sarah Mclasen, Arizona, USA

“For years, I struggled with the nasty odors from my restrooms in my restaurant. The old fashioned way of trying to use an odor eliminator became expensive and honestly, didn’t work very well at all. When BioLogix introduced their HOC service, I knew I was in luck. The price was more than fair and it only took a day to have everything set up. Now our bathrooms smell nice and new again.”

-Renata Isler, Edwardsville, Illinois

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