Hygiene and Odor Control (H.O.C.) Service

New study reveals that 95% of people AVOID businesses where thy have had a negative restroom experience…….

As a local St. Louis based company with 23 years of successful results, BioLogix would like to show you why we are the #1 choice when it comes to eliminating, NOT masking, odors in public restrooms.

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H.O.C. Service

Utilizing a series of bio-based, green, odor elimination technologies, the BioLogix, hygiene & odor elimination service is guaranteed to keep your customers coming back time after time

Sinks, Drains, and Toilets

Our product technologies actually consume odor causing organics and converts them into harmless environmental compounds of CO2 and H20. Not visible to the naked eye, they are embedded in your tile, grout, urinals, commodes, floor drains, partitions & sinks. Our service takes care of them all. 

BioLogix Biotechnology

Our exclusive OST (Odor Suppression Technologies) incorporated into all BioLogix restroom products coupled with our refreshing, signature TidalWave fragrance utilizes advanced bio-technology to actually eliminate odor causing, deep set organics.

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Over the years, BioLogix has provided hundreds of clients in the food service and hospitality industry with solutions to the ongoing problems associated with grease, fats, and oils. BioLogix prides itself on providing cost effective, environmentally positive sustainability solution to grease related incidents, while eliminating the ever increasing costs associated with temporarily addressing this problem. The BioLogix G.E.S service was developed to provide an ongoing, turnkey preventative maintenance program that guarantees our customers protection against the unexpected (i.e., business stopages due to line blockages, greasetrap pumpings, bad odors, etc.) The BioLogix G.E.S. service offers one cost effective, fixed monthly fee for a comprehensive, fully guaranteed program that doesn’t just temporarily address the problem; it eliminates it!

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