BioLogix Products: EnzyKleen – Concentrated Enzymatic Cleaner/Degreaser


BioLogix EnzyKleen is specifically formulated for the rapid surface removal of lipids, oils, and greases. EnzyKleen contains no butyls or harsh solvents and is biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

This formulation is ideal for use in food service areas where fats, oils, and greases tend to build up. Since Enzykleen rinses with plain water, there is no concern that dangerous chemicals will contaminate food contact areas.

BioLogix EnzyKleen is manufactured with the highest quality enzymes that are stabilized in a concentrated, non-toxic formulation and are very effective for the removal of organic-based fats, oils, and greases.

This formulation is safe and effective for use on most common surfaces including industrial metal surfaces. EnzyKleen provides superior cleaning ability and organic breakdown and removal without the risks associated with dangerous cleaners/degreasers of the past.

  • 12 x 1 Quart Case
  • Applications:
    • General use – household, institutional, automotive, marine
    • Use On – Ovens & Stovetops, Equipment, Exhaust Hoods, Floors & Walls, Hard Surfaces, Recycling Bins, Sinks, Basins, Countertops, Cutting Boards, Garbage Receptacles, and Dumpsters
    • Safe For Use On: - FRP panels & Other Synthetic wall coverings, concrete, ceramic/quarry tile & vinyl floors, porcelain & fiberglass, ceramic tile & grout, metal, chrome, stainless steel & brass
  • Benefits
    • Fat, Oil & Grease Removal
    • Protein and Starch Removal
    • Enzymatic Action Speeds Up Cleaning Time
    • Effective On Carbonized/Baked-On Grease
    • Butyl-Free and Harsh Solvent-Free Formula
    • Broad Spectrum Degradation Of Organics
    • Highly Concentrated And Cost-Effective
    • Safe For Use On All Common Surfaces
    • All Standard Application Methods/Techniques Can Be Used- Ideal For Pressure Washers


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